We are the area-wide biggest village in Germany and the second largest community with forests covering a large area and with numerous signposted hiking trails, cycle paths and theme paths.

There are some lakes (cirque lakes) hidden in the woods which go back to the Ace Age. The best known is the legendary Mummelsee on the Black Forest High Road.  Most of these lakes are in the area of Baiersbronn. A visit of all of them is worthwhile.

Those who like good food are in good company in Baiersbronn. Nowhere else in Germany there are so many gourmet stars and top cooks – nature and real enjoyment.

The national preserve in Baden-Württemberg founded on 1st January 2014 follows all along the Black Forest highway up to the mountains Plättig and Alexanderschanze. 80 percent of the area are in the district of Baiersbronn. Visitors of the national preserve have a chance to observe and experience wildlife, rare animals and plants as well as largely isolated natural processes. Or they can discover how nature conquers again forests and landscapes which were destroyed during the storm „Lothar“.


In and around Baiersbronn there are many sights which are worthwhile to be visited, either on foot or by bike, at everybodys choice.

With the help of the KONUS guest card it is possible during your stay to use free of charge public transport, either bus or railway, within the defined KONUS area (second class). In addition, this offers many privileges when visiting sites in the entire Black Forest.

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